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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or device when you visit our website. By using cookies, there is no violation of the GDPR or Privacy Act, as we do not collect personal data through our use, nor do we provide it to intermediaries or individuals. third parties. We do not even identify individual affected by cookies, nor do we do profiling or we do not specify any actions and actions against those who have agreed to use cookies.

The use of cookies has been shown to interest by the person concerned, since cookies can only be used if the person concerned has given consent to enable this feature in the browser of your device. Here is an example of how to turn on and off the use of cookies in your browser:


Each user, by enabling cookie functionality, has given permission to store them in their browser. Therefore, it is not necessary to request duplicate consent from the website operator. If a user does not agree with the use of cookies, they will disable this feature in their browser.

Cookies are stored on a user`s computer to allow them access to various functions. We use cookies to increase the effectiveness of your visits on our website. We use cookies to store search preferences, such as text size, preferred language, color preferences, allowing us to easily navigate our site, and gathering analytical information, such as the number of visitors on our website. Cookies allow us to better collect information about the use of our website. However, we do not collect your personal data and information in their data. Only a unique session ID is saved, which allows us to reload the profile and user preferences on your next visit to the site.

Types of cookies are:

(a) sessions cookies that are temporarily stored on a computer or device during a crawl session and are removed after it and

(b) Permanent cookies that are kept on the computer for a longer period of time. These permanent cookies can be deleted by the user.

The bulk of browsers offer options for configuring settings, i.e. Browser usually includes options such as enable cookies, view cookies, disable all or selected cookies, etc.


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